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Knop's Spätshow

Matze Knop, comedy star from North Rhine-Westphalia, is the host of a new, peppy Saturday evening comedy show. "Knop’s Spätshow", 14 episodes of 30 minutes each with stand-ups, real-life clips and witty encounters with one person (Matze Knop) in numerous different roles. In the most hilarious manner, Matze presents everyday subjects, which move him and appeal to a broad audience. He will casually chat about very personal issues and experiences, portrayed in the smoothly integrated clips.

For many years now, Matze Knop has been slipping into other characters as a comedian and parody performer. He has received substantial acclaim with his performances in the "Wochenshow" (The Weekly Show) as the amiable macho "Richie". His 1998/99 "Richie" Germany tour was a huge success. For his single "Suparichie" (Supa Richie), he even received the "Goldene Schallplatte" (Golden Record Award).
But Matze is capable of completely different roles, as well: the unforgettable sports commentator Gerd Rubenbauer, the grouchy gateman Erwin Pottenhöhner, a Senegalese capdriver called Harry, the French secretary Monique Leroc, who has fallen for Matze and André, his extravagant, gay brother.

And it is in these "disguises" that he delivers his witty battle of words – with himself as the host. All of his characters are directly connected to Matze’s private life, be they based on his neighbors, friends or relatives.

Matze Knop’s strength is his spontaneity and his sharp wit. Both in the real-life clips filmed on the streets or when he pays surprise visits to people’s homes. He is always where there is something happening, where there is something to talk about.

"Knop’s Spätshow" combines real-life comedy with fiction, examining life and society in Germany from new and different angles. It takes people on the streets completely by surprise, suddenly making them actors within the show, and his peculiar ideas and events create total astonishment among viewers at home. And the most important thing is that it makes people laugh, is always good-natured and never unkind.

"Knop’s Spätshow" was broadcast from September 2002 until December 2002 every Saturday at 10.45 p.m. on SAT.1.


Producer: Ralf Günther

Host: Matze Knop  
Länge: 30 min
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 14