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"Kuttner." is the title of the personality show hosted by Sarah Kuttner, and the name is, at the same time, the programme: No flourishes, no dry ice, no frippery – only "Kuttner" and that twice a week.

Presenter and hostess Sarah Kuttner is the centre of the programme and always remains totally herself. She turns everyday and pop culture upside down, and takes her viewers by the hand for a turbulent stroll through the world of contemporary oddities. The show reflects current (pop)cultural, political and social events, discusses youth-relevant topics and finds itself right on the pulse of youth culture. Sarah comments in a satirical, biting form and shows attitude in the process. In addition to way-out and funny statements, there are also serious tones.

Always at Sarah's side: her relaxed studio sidekick Sven Schuhmacher, who with his unassailable calm, forms the perfect antithesis to Sarah, and always has all information about the guests and the show at the ready.

Sarah Kuttner welcomes international and national celebrities, talks with actors, politicians and musicians, not only about their current projects or concerns but also about topical issues. Her guests have included, among others, Alice Schwarzer, Adam Green, Wir sind Helden, Gwen Stefani, and R.E.M. front man Michael Stipe. The show is rounded off in the usual tradition with appearances by hand-picked music acts from Indie to high-gloss pop.

A four-piece studio band provides musical accompaniment to the event. In addition, Sarah has two reporters: Michael Wigge is not only unbelievably active but also investigative to a high degree and is not afraid of getting physically involved. He stays on the heels of the celebrities and does not stop at the world's red carpets either. A new addition to the "Kuttner." team is Caroline Korneli: she attends to special orders. For example, she tries to find out what is special about the "2nd International Animal Feed Fair".

Sarah Kuttner started with her own evening show "Sarah Kuttner – Die Show" on August 2, 2004 on VIVA. From September 13, 2005 to August 01, 2006 the second series was broadcast on MTV under the title "Kuttner.".


Executive Producer: Jörg Grabosch     
Host: Sarah Kuttner 
First Broadcast: 02.08.2004    
Seasons: 2