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"Mircomania" – sketches, comics and comedy. It has been a rumor for ages now: comedian Mirco Nontschew – the Master of acrobatic and physical comedy and Lord of the absurd puns, the sharp-shooter mouth with the rubber joints – is actually not human, but the prototype of a comic figure turned into a man. A rumor that is not only confirmed in the comedy show "Mircomania", but is actually transformed into a concept: here, Mirco Nontschew discovers a new planet – the world of the comic.

Comics form the optical framework for a modern and racy sketch comedy, linking the most varied stories, characters and forms of humor in a matter-of-fact manner.

This extraordinary approach to comics is virtually tailor-made for title heroes like Mirco Nontschew: here, he can run faster, jump higher, fall deeper and laugh louder than all the others – and create a new comic world without physical limitations. Whether as the Rastafarian "Dr. Shaggyman", as the superhero "Neutronenmann" (Captain Neutron), as a merciless drill sergeant, as the space hero "Spacemeier" or as the man who fell off a high cliff – the over-the-top comic figures and caricatures in "Mircomania" are the ideal characters for the unique and twisted comedy of Mirco Nontschew. Mirco Nontschew is supported by Michael Brandbusemeyer, Dana Geißler, Carsten Höfer, Janine Kunze, Mike Müller and Hagen Range.

The comedy show was launched on SAT.1 on July 27, 2001 at 9:45 p.m. with 13 episodes each of a net length of 25 minutes. The comedy show is produced by BRAINPOOL as a co-production with ZEITSPRUNG.

Nominations and Awards

Silver Rose of Montreux


Executive Producer: Martin Keß
Host: Mirco Nontschew    
First Broadcast: 27.07.2001    
Seasons: 1
Shows: 13