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Mario sucht das Paradies

Whether Texas, Abu Dhabi or Rio de Janeiro – Mario Barth conquers the world.

Comedy meets cultural communications: Mario Barth is on a mission for RTL to find the best place in the world for men to live. His first destinations: the United Arab Emirates, the USA and Brazil. At the heart of the "Mario sucht das Paradies - Wo lebt man am besten?" (Mario looks for paradise - the best place for "man" to live) mission is, of course, the topic of men and women. In each episode, the man-woman expert travels to a different country in search of the typical customs and relationship hierarchies and ask the question: where is the best place for “man” to live?

Whether as Cowboy in Texas, a sheik in Abu Dhabi or a Carnival fan at Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio - full of beans, Mario sets off on his discovery trip, immersing himself in day-to-day life in the respective country and talking to the locals. With his unique approach, the cheeky chap from Berlin gets to know country and people while experiencing one adventure after another.

“Mario sucht das Paradies – wo lebt Mann am besten?”: RTL broadcasted three episodes of the comedy travel show on December 1 and 8, 2006 and May 25, 2007 - all at 10:15 p.m.


Executive Producer: Andreas Viek     
Host: Mario Barth  
First Broadcast: 01.12.2006    
Length: 48 min
Seasons: 1
Shows: 3