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Martin Rütter - Die große Hundeshow



Martin Rütter - Die große Hundeshow

"Pfui!, Aus!, Platz!" ["No!, Drop!, Sit!"] – Germany's quadrupeds like to dance to the tune whistled by professional dog trainer Martin Rütter – and master and mistress are enthusiastic about watching the Fido expert, too. But dogs can do more than that, as the animal psychologist showed on 1 September at 8:15 p.m., in the second instalment of his beastly good family show 'Martin Rütter – Die große Hunde-Show', presenting a fast-paced blend of quiz show, short animal film clips and acrobatic prowess. Joined by celebrity candidates Verona Pooth, Susanne Fröhlich, Paul Panzer and Steffen Henssler, he offers a playful guide to the relationship between dogs and people.

Advertising icon Verona Pooth arrives with the French bulldog 'Rosi', best-seller author Susanne Fröhlich lines up with golden retriever 'Ally', comedian Paul Panzer takes the stage with 'Timmy', a Maltese, and TV chef Steffen Henssler plays with the German shepherd crossbreed 'Shadan' from the animal shelter in Hamburg-Süderstraße in 'Martin Rütter - Die große Hundeshow'. The prize is the 'Golden Bone', which the winner will donate to a howlingly worthy charity - the prize purse totals to EUR 20,000!

Throughout the show, Martin Rütter offers the contestants and their dogs his expertise, all the while presenting a treasure trove of facts worth knowing about man's best friend. To walk away with the 'Golden Bone', the celebrity contestants have to answer multiple-choice questions devoted to our furry friends. Together with games rich in variety, unconventional show acts and exciting video clips, the show offers something for everyone. Canine expert Martin Rütter has not only invited the world's largest and smallest dogs to his show - he also amazes the audience with the world's longest dog polonaise! But things get tricky, even for the celebrity contestants: who can correctly guess whether the four border collies will manage to get four goats and twenty runner ducks to walk under a horse?

After that, the celebrity contestants have to prove themselves up on the stage: which master will be the quickest to navigate the labyrinth with his or her dog? Or: can the dogs fetch their mistress a sausage without eating the delicacy all gone on the way?

The dog who winds up bringing the most sausages to 'his' celebrity wins the game! And where Martin Rütter's exciting videos are concerned, no journey is too far and no situation too daring: Italian lifeguards have trained their dogs specifically to rescue people in distress at sea. How? The dogs simply leap into the waves from a flying rescue helicopter to ferry the victim to shore. Can the rescue dogs rescue the dog expert himself?

As if this stunt were not spectacular enough, in the next film Martin Rütter again presses forward into unknown territory: in 'Martin Rütter – Das Experiment', he allows himself to be guided blindfolded by a seeing-eye dog all across Berlin, crossing four-lane roads, climbing stairways and down into the underground railway… And which celebrity ultimately wins the dog race at the end will be decided in the grand finale!

"Martin Rütter - Die große Hundeshow" was boadcast on Saturday, 1 September, 2012 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL.


Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Executive Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Martin Rütter
Start date: 07.01.2012
Length: 150 min