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Martin Rütter - Die große Tiershow

Martin Rütter - Die große Tiershow

He is Germany´s no. 1 dog expert and a trained animal psychologist. His stage shows are sold out and his TV shows a huge hit: Martin Rütter. Time and again, he manages to delight audiences with his extraordinary wit, charm and expertise. Now he’s returning to the screen with the new entertainment show, "Martin Rütter – Die große Tiershow," exclusively on RTL, where he will presenting a fast-paced blend of quiz show, exciting film clips and unbelievable animal feats. The animal expert will be assisted by the do-gooder in the diamond-patterned pullunder, comedian Olaf Schubert. On August 23 and September 27, 2013, celebrities appeared in two impressive shows, where they demonstrated just how well they can handle animals.

Viewers looked forward to candidates such as Mirja Boes, Axel Prahl, Kaya Yanar, Marco Schreyl, Natalia Wörner and Jana-Ina Zarrella, contestants in the show for a beastly good cause. Contestants demonstrated tenacity, cleverness and physical fitness. That is the only way the stars can win lots of money for their pet projects. Along the way, Martin Rütter provided the contestants with helpful hints and presented lots of interesting facts about the animal kingdom.

The VIPs were up close to the animals during the show and had to perform lots of tasks at the same time. Viewers looked forward to exciting videos showing the celebrities on the scene in exotic settings: with nature conservationists, Martin Rütter reintroduced bears to the wild in Armenia, Jana-Ina Zarrella sat out in search of river dolphins in her native Brazil, and Olaf Schubert took part in ranger training in South Africa. Animal-lover Schubert also served as a guinea pig in the search for “the last of their species.” In the process, he drew near to the animals in his own special way – laughter guaranteed. With its blend of variety-packed puzzles and games, this beastly show was certain to have something for every taste.

The second installment of "Martin Rütter – Die große Tiershow" was broadcast on Friday, September 27, 2013 at 9.15 pm on RTL.


Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Executive Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Martin Rütter
Air date: 23.08.2013
Length: 90min