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McFit Fight Night



McFit Fight Night

It was the Boxing match of the year! Up to 10 million tuned into watch the spectacular defeat of Stefan "Killer Belly" Raab at the hands of Regina Halmich. An average of 7.74 million viewers watched the comeback of the year, more than in the case of the first match six years ago (2001: 7.64 million viewers). On average, 43.5 percent of the advertising-relevant target group tuned in to have their socks knocked off by Stefan Raab and his courageous six-round battle against Germany’s best female boxer of all time.

He has the heart of a boxer. Following the six rounds, the 19,500 viewers at the sold-out Kölnarena were cheering, demanding an encore. They had all witnessed the boxing match of the year. Even though "Killer Belly" Raab was unable to win his re-match against Regina Halmich. But one thing was clear following the spectacular fight: Stefan Raab is the "World Champion of Hearts". "I prepared well and gave it my all this evening. I owed that to my audience. Because if I decide to do something, then I will fight", stated the ProSieben entertainer. "It was a sensational experience getting into the ring with her at the Kölnarena. Thanks to all the viewers who still have faith in me." In the ring, he first felt the harsh edge of the professional boxer’s fists, then nothing received but praise from Boxing World Champion Regina Halmich: "My sincere compliments to Stefan. He could be a real role model for many a boxer."
The 19,500 viewers at the Kölnarena went crazy when Stefan Raab entered the arena in an eight-ton Hotchkin tank. "Regina, get ready to hit the floor", was the clear-cut battle cry from challenger Stefan. But this was like water off a duck’s back for the 44-time World Champion, who went on to show Stefan Raab just who is in charge in the ring.
Again and again, she slammed left and right hooks into his nose! The first heavy-hitter impacted on Stefan Raab in round two. But he also dished out some punishment. In round five, Stefan summoned up all his strength – with audiences at home actually giving him the points for this round. But Regina Halmich won out in the end, unanimously and with a clear points advantage. And even the ProSieben entertainers new hairdo – a Mohawk – couldn’t help him.
In the build-up to Stefan Raab’s "revenge" fight, WBA World Champion Susi Kentikian caused quite a stir among ProSieben "McFit Fight Night" viewers. The audience celebrated the 19-year-old’s thrilling first title defense against Maria Jose Nunez Anchorena from Uruguay. In the third round, Susi sent the challenger crashing to the floor, further solidifying and extending her flawless fight record (15 fights, 15 wins, 12 through knock out) with a further K.O. Following her stunning victory, the beaming winner said: "The arena was on fire – it was amazing! I would like to thank the audience. I was so looking forward to the Fight Night, I could fight every month."
With a market share of 18.8 percent for the day, ProSieben was clearly the winner among 14- to 49-year-olds. The overall "McFit Fight Night" with a Boxing World Championship fight, three further professional fights and the comeback of "Killer Belly" against Regina Halmich attracted an average of 28.4 percent of 14- to 49-year-old viewers. World Champion Susi Kentikian flattened Dieter all on her own: on average, a staggering 23.3 percent of 14- to 49-year-olds tuned into watch the first title defense by the reigning WBA Fly Weight World Champion from 8:15 p.m. (RTL: "Dieter – Der Film" (Dieter – The Movie): 18.6 percent of the market share), before Stefan Raab took over later in the evening.
In his eighth professional fight, the 27-year-old heavyweight boxer Sebastian Köber knocked out his Argentinean opponent Luis Oscar "Rambo" Ricail in the fifth round. His current fight stats: eight fights, eight wins, all eight through K.O. In the warm-up matches, the other "McFit Fight Night" professional boxers also vanquished their challengers: featherweight Vitali Tajbert and super middleweight Eduard Gutknecht won their fights convincingly on points.


Executive Producer: Jörg Grabosch
First Broadcast: 30.03.2007 
Shows: 1
Length: 184 min