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Phil Laude lives since the end of Y-TITTY as a dropout in a tent outside the gates of Cologne. When his buddy Pesh offers him a job as a talk show host, he is anything but excited. On the other hand, Angela Merkel has already described the internet as “Neuland”. Only one thing can liberate us from this misery: the best talk show of all time - "Neuland". The challenges are crazier, the guests are 'nicer', the studio is more pompous and the presenter of course incomparable! There would not be a small problem. The throne of entertainment is also the measure of all things for another showbiz icon: David Hasselhoff sees the time come to lead the country back into better times with talent and brilliance. Like he always has. He becomes the toughest competitor of Phil for the post of "showmaster" of “Neuland”. So that "The Hoff" does not come into play, Phil must pull all the stops. But what has a former lifeguard Phil Laude to oppose, dealing with the crème de la crème to guests like Wincent Weiss, Luke Mockridge, Eko Fresh, Kostja Ullmann, Simon Gosejohann, Fernanda Brandao, Dave Davis and Tahnee through witty games, crazy challenges and Music deposits raging. From the "smallest quiz show in the world" over the "Try not to laugh" contest to the cake throwing at "smack the future" and "Schnick Schnack Schnuck" - Phil's guests are not spared. He is also the star of his self-produced music videos - a special highlight of the show!

12 episodes (including pilot and a Best-of) à 28 min., In German language, produced by BRAINPOOL TV, now on YouTube Premium!

The ingenious mixture of humor and comedy that made Phil Laude and Y-TITTY so popular lives on in “Neuland”!

Watch the first episode here!

Nominations and Awards

Nominated for Grimme-award in the category "entertainment"


Executive Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Phil Laude