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Nightwash Special



Nightwash Special

"NightWash Special" is a further development of the comedy format "NightWash". Inventor and presenter of the program Klaus-Jürgen "Knacki" presents a high-caliber comedian in each show, who presents a part of his solo program in a 30-minute stage program in front of a live audience.

The stage show was recorded in “Gloria Theater Köln” for television and broadcast on Comedy Central. Comedians like Murat Topal, Olaf Schubert and Johannes Flöck, Ingo Oschmann, Serdar Somuncu, Tobias Mann, Hennes Bender, Thomas Nicolai and Knacki Deuser himself have had the honor here. From 2007 to 2009, BRAINPOOL Live Entertainment produced 15 "NightWash Special" episodes for Comedy Central.

Since November 2009, the cult program “NightWash” has had a new home and as of fall 2013, will run on Einsfestival exclusively with new episodes and with Luke Mockridge as new presenter.

"NightWash" – the new episodes on Thursdays at 8.15 p.m. on Einsfestival.


Producer: KJ Deuser   
Host: KJ Deuser
First Broadcast: 28.05.2007    
Length: 30 min