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Pochers WM-Countdown



Pochers WM-Countdown

In summer 2006 everything in Germany revolved around only one topic: the World Cup! In order to sweeten the time before the first kick-off for the Pro Sieben viewers, Oliver Pocher, the official World-Cup-ambassador, had his very special World Cup Countdown.

It was high time for Oliver Pocher to try to spruce up the image of Germany all over the world. Hardly anyone was more adequate to prove for instance in Argentina, Poland or Trinidad and Tobago that the Germans do have a sense of humour and are charming after all. At the same time Olli also wants to get to know everything about the conventions and customs of the nations who will be visiting us during the summer. Did you know that there is a Diego Maradona church in Buenos Aires which has more than 20.000 members? - Oliver Pocher has visited it.

Moreover, how do you party in Trinidad, what kind of music is on top of the Polish charts at the moment, how do the English define ‚offside’? Olli grasped the opportunity to on the spot catch up on the present form of the respective national team and also on the form of the fans. Furthermore, the show had been of course also about the preparations for the World Cup at home. Are the ball boys fit enough, are there enough campgrounds provided for the Dutch fans, do the German traffic wardens speak at least one sentence in Polish? These and other questions had been discussed by Oliver in the studio along with ball acrobats, soccer connoisseurs and true and self-proclaimed ball experts.

"Pochers WM-Countdown" – the show which gives the low-down to the greatest event of the year.


Host: Oliver Pocher
Start date: 03.04.2006    
Length: 45 min
Seasons: 1
Shows: 10