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RTL Promi-Boxen

The superlative TV boxing event: in "RTL Celebrity Boxing", produced by BRAINPOOL, six celebrities put on their boxing gloves and dance around the ring for an audience of millions. All adversaries spend weeks conscientiously preparing for the event with professional supervision all the way. Between the fights, field reporters walk through the venue catching the mood and atmosphere of this spectacular event. And it is well worth it – because the audience includes countless celebrities following the fates of their showbiz colleagues with the utmost tension and excitement.

Flying fists, bloody noses, happy victors, fair losers and a sport crazed audience that couldn’t remain in their seats: "RTL’S Celebrity Boxing III". Daniel Lopes ("Latin Weapon"), Nana Abrokwa ("Darkman"), Dustin Semmelrogge ("Dustinator"), Kelly Trump ("Bad Babe"), Willi Herren ("Wrecking ball") and Juliane Ziegler ("Wild Rose") offered spectacular fights to 1,800 spectators and up to 5.84 million TV viewers on 1st May, 2004 in the Cologne Coloneum.

The audience went wild as the host, Kai Ebel, announced the first fight between Daniel "Latin Weapon" Lopes and Dustin "Dustinator" Semmelrogge in the super middleweight class. The opponents offered a tough volley of punches from the beginning of the first round. And they went to town in the second round, too. A knockout was declared against Daniel Lopes after 1.07 minutes in the third round. The battle of the women between Juliane "Wild Rose" Ziegler and Kelly "Bad Babe" Trump lasted a full three rounds at 1.5 minutes each. Juliane got off to a quick start and continued to land perfect right-handed shots. When it was all over, Juliane walked away as the clear victor based on her points. For the first time in the history of "RTL’s Celebrity Boxing" the heavyweight match lasted the full duration. And the audience got its full money worth. "Nana, I’ve gone through eight weeks of workout hell. And I am going to let you feel that here in the ring tonight, piece by piece". This was the warning that accompanied the local matador Willi "Wrecking Ball" Herren into the boxing ring. Here, he met the Hamburg man Nana "Darkman" Abrokwa. His unambiguous announcement: "Willi, you are going down!" Herren started the first round with a wild battle scream. The referee Arno Pokrandt began his countdown against the Lindenstraße actor for the first time in round three. In the end, serenity conquered brute force. The scoring judge called the score of 3:1 in favour of Nana Abrokwa.

The first "RTL Celebrity Boxing" on Saturday, October 26, 2002 attracted an audience of up to seven million sports fans from the age of 3. The average viewer rating was 5.28 million among viewers from 3 (market share 19.9 %). In the 14-49 year-olds target group, a staggering 27.3% tuned in to watch the three fights (3.2 million among 14-49 year-olds).

In the completely sold out Cologne-based Coloneum, an incredible 2,000 boxing fans followed the fights with ear-shattering applause. The middleweight fight was won by Joey Kelly ("Ironman") beating Ralf Richter ("Hippie-Killer") in five rounds of 2 minutes each. The second fight was the heavyweight event: here, Pierre Geisensetter ("Brown Sugar") enjoyed a technical knockout over Claude-Oliver Rudolph ("Bad Boy"). Rudolph’s coach, Dariusz Michalczewski, threw in the towel in the fourth round after only 59 seconds. Conversely, the "ladies’ event" was a more balanced affair, in which Michaela Schaffrath ("Wild Thing") finally beat Doro Pesch ("Metal-Queen") in three rounds of 90 seconds each.

Even though "Celebrity Boxing 2002" was a smash hit, "Celebrity Boxing II" on May 17, 2003 attracted even more viewers. Up to a sensational 42.5 percent in the advertising-relevant target group of 14-49 year-olds dropped everything to watch the six celebrity boxers, Tanja Szewczenko ("Red Dragon"), Samantha Fox ("Super Sam"), Detlef D! Soost ("D!stroyer"), Carsten Spengemann ("Survivor"), Mola Adebisi ("Bad Azz") and Fabian Harloff ("Hurricane"), battle it out in the ring.

The average viewer rating was 5.33 million among viewers from the age of 3 (market share: 22.3% from 3 year-olds). At its peak, the show attracted a total of 7.36 million viewers. The average viewer rating in the advertising-relevant target group of 14-49 year-olds was 28.8 percent (3.01 million among 14-49 year-olds).
Fired on by tumultuous cheering and chanting from the boxing-mad audience, Mola Adebisi ("Bad Azz") won the first fight of the evening against Fabian Harloff ("Hurricane") with a 2:1 judge vote. Similarly close was the ladies’ fight: former ice queen dancer Tanja Szewczenko ("Red Dragon") won against English babe Samantha Fox ("Super Sam") in a 2:1 vote. The ecstatic Tanja Szewczenko after the fight: "I always wanted to retire from the world of sport with a victory. And now I’ve succeeded in doing just that".

The heavyweight fight between Detlef D! Soost ("D!stroyer") and Carsten Spengemann ("Survivor") was decided early in the third round by a technical knockout in favor of the Berliner Detlef D! Soost.
As in the case of the first RTL boxing event, sports reporter Kai Ebel was the on-location host. Boxing expert Tobias Drews and the former heavyweight boxer Axel Schulz commented on the events in, and around, the ring.

"RTL Celebrity Boxing" is produced by BRAINPOOL on behalf of RTL.


Executive Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Host: Kai Ebel    
First Broadcast: 26.10.2002     
Length: 120 min
Shows: 3