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Next broadcast: Saturday 02 July 2022 8:15 pm Uhr

Schlag den Star [Beat the star]

Celebrities in "Schlag den Star" have to fight against each other to win no less than EUR 100,000. Up to 15 games in various disciplines determine victory or defeat. Elton moderates the live-shows, Ron Ringguth is the commentator.

„Schlag den Star“ is produced by Raab TV by order of ProSieben.

The roster of past shows includes legendary athletes such as Boris Becker, Stefan Effenberg and Stefan Kretzschmar as well as entertainment icons like Mike Krüger, Wigald Boning and Detlef D! Soost, Tim Mälzer, DJ Bobo, Guido Cantz und Giovanni Zarrella.

From the second season of "Schlag den Star" on, Stefan Raab passed the host baton to Matthias Opdenhövel. From the third season on Steven Gätjen was host of the celebrity edition of "Schlag den Raab". The entertainer himself backed the contestants, jumping in to fight at their side in the duel.

For British broadcaster ITV1, the concept behind the adaptation of "Schlag den Raab" (entitled "Beat the Star") achieved excellent viewership with a market share of up to 26 percent in the second series. The success has been imported as well. The first four episodes of "Schlag den Star" were watched by an average of 17.5 percent of all 14 to 49-year-old viewers between March and April 2009. Four more episodes were broadcasted in autumn 2010, in autumn 2011 and in summer 2012.

The fifth season of "Schlag den Star" was aired on ProSieben with four new episodes following June 2013. Following stars were part of the show: Comedian Matze Knop, sportler Sven Hannawald, kick boxing champion Dr. Christine Theiss and actor and singer Tom Beck.

The sixth season of „Schlag den Star“ started with a new concept on July 19, 2014 on ProSieben. In the new episodes the stars competed against each other for the first time.

Season seven was broadcast in 2015 on ProSieben. Highlight: football-star Lukas Podolski versus Elton. In 2019 six new live-episodes will be aired on ProSieben.


Executive Producer: Jörg Grabosch (until 2018), Stefan Raab (since 2018)
Host: Elton (since 2016)
First Broadcast: spring 2009
Length: 210 min