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Schmitz komm raus



Schmitz komm raus!

Schmitz is indeed coming out – and how! In his first solo comedy show, bubbly all-round acting talent Ralf Schmitz is pulling out all the stops of his art. And there are several: the classical sketch, stand-up monologues onstage, comedy-improv interaction with the studio audience, and even non-verbal slapstick and physical-comedy interludes – whenever Schmitz comes out, this is what audiences can look forward to!

In his 30-minute show, Ralf Schmitz welcomes his audience to the cosy atmosphere of his studio, where there is room for stories from his world, for stand-up routines and songs, but especially for his unique brand of quick-wittedness and spontaneity. As Sat.1 viewers have known at least since "Schillerstraße": when it comes to improvising, Ralf Schmitz is unbeatable.

Just as important to the show are the warm-up sketches in which we can see Ralf Schmitz interact with his five-member ensemble. Here, the comedian – trained as he is in drama, dance and singing – demonstrates his perfect timing and his versatility in a wide variety of situations. Staged with polish, the sketch films cover the entire spectrum – from non-verbal warm-ups, to physical comedy and slapstick routines, to three-minute scenarios captivating for their verbal wit.

The first season of "Schmitz komm raus!" was broadcast from January 13, 2006 to March 10, 2006 on SAT.1.


Executive Producer: Jürgen Hepp      
Host: Ralf Schmitz  
Start date: 13.01.2006    
Length: 45 min
Seasons: 1
Shows: 9