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Sketch News

Sketch News

“SketchNews” was a weekly comedy sketch show on Sat.1, in which seven first-class comedians and actors around Axel Stein focussed on current topics relating to politics, gossip, sport and society. Racy, sometimes grotesque but never politically correct, “SketchNews” presented the talk of the town in classical sketches, distorted original images and parodies. In addition to the grand stage of world politics, “SketchNews” also looked at normal, everyday lives, such as those being lived in the nation’s living rooms, offices and supermarkets. In countless sketches, Axel Stein, Tanya Neufeldt, Daniel Drewes, Stéphanie Berger, Arnd Cremer, Yunus Cumartpay and Andree Solvik proved their tremendous versatility.

They exceled not only in whacky parodies, but also showed their mettle in razor-sharp enactments of everyday situations.
“SketchNews” – the weekly comedy show – from January 5, every Saturday at 11:15 p.m. on Sat.1.
The cast:
Axel Stein (25) rose to fame in 1998 in his role as Tommie in the Sat.1 sitcom “Hausmeister Krause” (Janitor Krause – Sat.1). In 2002, he was given his own comedy series “Axel”, which was broadcast on Sat.1. Early 2006 saw the kick-off for “Axel! will’s wissen” (Axel has to Know) on ProSieben. Furthermore, Axel Stein appeared in various lead roles in successful movies. In 2008, he will appear in various movies, including “Ausbilder Schmidt” (Coach Schmidt) and “Lauf um Dein Leben – Vom Junkie zum Ironman” (Run for Your Life – From Junkie to Ironman).
From 1998 onwards, Tanya Neufeldt (35) appeared in the RTL series “Hinter Gittern” (Behind Bars). Furthermore, she featured in the RTL sitcom “Mein Leben und ich” (Me and My Life) in 2003 and, in 2005, alongside Ralf Schmitz in “Schmitz komm raus!” (Schmitz, Come Out! – Sat.1).
Daniel Drewes (35) graduated from the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen. In addition to numerous engagements at various theaters, he also appeared in comedy shows including “Nikola” (RTL) and ”Pastewka” (Sat.1). Furthermore, he has featured in roles in “SOKO Köln” (Special Squad Cologne – ZDF) and in movies such as “Prinzessinnen” (Princesses – 2006) and “Selbstgespräch” (Talking to Yourself – 2007), among other things.
In 1995, Stéphanie Berger (30) was crowned “Miss Switzerland”. This accomplishment was followed by stints as a presenter and a role in a Swiss musical. Since 2001, she has been a permanent member of the “Benissimo” comedy ensembles, Switzerland’s biggest Saturday evening show and has also appeared in various roles in “Die Dreisten Drei” (The Cheeky Three – Sat.1). Currently, she is presenting the Swiss snowboard show “GetOut” (Sat.1 Switzerland).
Arnd Cremer (39) came to fame, above all, through his voice. He has been working as a freelance writer for radio comedy for many years and was nominated for an EinsliveKrone award in the “Best Comedy” category for “Superbobbelsche” in 2007. Arnd Cremer gained television experience in the “Die Dreisten Drei” (The Cheeky Three – Sat.1), “Weibsbilder” (Women – Sat.1) and with the “Gott sei Dank, dass Sie da sind…” (Thank God You’re here…) ensemble (ProSieben).
Yunus Cumartpay (27) graduated from the “Film Acting School Cologne” with a “Stage Arts Proficiency” diploma. He has appeared in supporting roles in series such as “Lindenstraße” (soap) and “Verbotenen Liebe” (Forbidden Love – soap), as well as the television movie “Italo Western”.
Andree Solvik (35) attended the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen in Potsdam until 1999. In 2006, Andree appeared in the RTL series “Hinter Gittern” (Behind Bars) and, in 2007, in the Sat.1 series “GSG 9”.


Executive Producer: Ralf GĂĽnther      
First Broadcast: 05.01.2008    
Length: 30 min
Shows: 11