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TV total Championat

Stefan Raab is backing horses, jumping horses to be more precise. In "TV total Championship 2004" live from Aachen, the German "Wimbledon" of horse riding, initiator and title hopeful Raab will be competing against his celebrity challengers for fame and honor at the renowned venue of the famous CHIO tournament!

His rivals include Anne from the "Preluders", presenter Charlotte Karlinder Kusmagk, actor Claude-Oliver Rudolph, Joey Kelly, "Bachelor" bride Juliane Ziegler, three-day event rider Bettina Hoy, dressage Olympic gold medalist Isabell Werth, actress Florentine Lahme, presenter Tobi Schlegl as well as "Marienhof" star Michael Meziani.

All participants had to pre-qualify under the strict scrutiny of the merciless Aachen-based expert jury.

Stefan Raab was certain of victory: "I am highly-motivated, and I will win. The only thing that could hold me up is a complaint from the French contingent". The evening was accompanied live by the experienced "WOK World Championship" presenter trio Sonya Kraus, Kai Pflaume and Oliver Pocher, supported by equestrian sports expert Ludger Beerbaum and commentator Uli Jansch.
But Stefan Raab was not to be rewarded with a win, with the "TV total"-Champion 2004 crown going to Isabell Werth instead. The Dressage Olympic gold medalist participated at the CHIO venue on Carina, clearing all the obstacles. Just behind Isabell Werth in second place: presenter Tobi Schlegl, giving himself the best birthday present ever. In third place was Sat.1 presenter Charlotte Karlinder Kusmagk on Karisma. However, host Stefan Raab and Zuckerpuppe were less successful. After the first round, they were in tenth place with 25 fault points and were disqualified on the second round when Stefan was thrown from his horse.

Up to 3.83 million viewers from the age of three tuned in to watch this unique live event (with an average of 2.87 million viewers, market share: 11.4 percent). In the advertising-relevant target group of 14- to 49-year-olds, the "TV total Championship 2004" achieved a market share of 20.3 percent. In the young target group of 14- to 29-year-olds, the spectacular horse jumping event secured itself a market share of 30.8 percent, hence the market leadership in the 8:15 p.m. to 11:35 p.m. time slot among these two target groups.

The final ranking:
1. Dressage Olympic gold medalist Isabell Werth on Carina
2. Presenter Tobi Schlegl on Antheuss
3. Presenter Charlotte Karlinder Kusmagk on Karisma
4. Three-day event rider Bettina Hoy on Lantana
5. "Marienhof" star Michael Meziani on Clinaro
6. MTV presenter and actress Nora Tschirner on Morgenstern
7. Anne from the "Preluders" on Zoya
8. Elton on Diva

"Bachelor" bride Juliane Ziegler on Gattopardo (made a mistake on the first round)
Joey Kelly on Gina (thrown off on the second round)
Stefan Raab on Zuckerpuppe (thrown off on the second round)


Executive Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Host: Oliver Welke
First Broadcast: 09.09.2004   
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