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TV total Parallelslalom



TV total Parallelslalom

In addition to the Wok World Championship, there has been a further TV total winter sports event since December 16, 2006: The grant TV total Parallel Slalom! In this first skiing event, 15 celebrities, including Christian Clerici, DJ Bobo, DJ Ötzi, Daniela Fuß, Christian Tramitz and Alexander Hold followed "seaside specialist" and challenger Stefan Raab down the 2001 World Cup piste in the beautiful town of St. Anton in Austria, the venue for a bitter battle for the Parallel Slalom crown. With a gradient of 60%, the slalom debutants and debutantes have not exactly opted for the easiest slope. In addition to finding the right technique, the celebrity participants also needed a healthy portion of courage to descend the lethal course, as the rock-hard piste was unforgiving even of the smallest error!

The qualifying round – held on the previous evening – revealed that despite considerable bravery, some of the skiers lacked the necessary skill. They all managed to get to the end of the course – even though some of them took a little longer than others!
However, simply reaching the finishing line on the Saturday was not enough, it was more a case of “all or nothing”! Only the winners of both heats continued in the competition – the losers dropped out! This knock-out system was continued until only two duelers were left in the final. Under the expert eyes of ski professional Willy Bogner, presenter Oliver Welke and 5,000 viewers at the end of the course, the whole event had been a quite spectacular show. In addition to some celebrities who had clearly been born wearing skis, others attracted attention more by being pigs on the piste and through sensational falls. It was, above all, pole-vaulter Tim Lobinger, racing legend Hans-Joachim Stuck and Stefan Raab himself who provided the racing reporters Johanna Klum, Sonya Kraus and Elton with plenty of ammunition due to their unplanned contact with the Tyrol snow!
Lining up for the final were Christian Clerici, having knocked out Stefan Raab in the semi-final, and Alexander Hold. Exploiting his home advantage, the Austrian Clerici was able to secure victory for himself. In the battle for third place, Stefan Raab was pipped at the post by favorite DJ Bobo, who even managed to complete the final yards of the race backwards. Raab took his loss with humor: "At least I’m the better singer…"
Also opting to sing were Seeed, Christina Strümer and Monrose, providing the off-piste entertainment!
A healthy 14.4 percent* of viewers in the advertising-relevant target group of 14- to 49-year-old viewers tuned into to watch the celebrity race. Among young viewers, a remarkable 22.6 percent* watched the show.
(* Source: ProSieben)


Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Start date: 16.12.2006  
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