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The Ehrlich Brothers present: Showdown of the world's best magicians

The internationally renowned and award-winning sorcerer brothers "Ehrlich Brothers" ask for a magical duel of the extra class with two great prime-time shows. Six top-class national and international magicians compete in three different categories. Chris and Andreas Ehrlich have been traveling around the world for the selection of the artists and are sending their personal top magicians into every show. The magical show highlight is moderated by Laura Wontorra ("Ninja Warrior Germany", "100% Bundesliga - Soccer at Nitro").

With the two "Ehrlich Brothers", Germany has again two magicians of world fame, which lead people into a unique and fascinating world of illusions. With their spectacular shows, Andreas and Chris Ehrlich have been filling the largest halls and stadiums for years and have received 13 awards and two world record titles for their artistic work. Now the two top illusionists are asking for a magical duel of the extra class: In two big prime-time shows (Show 1: 03.11.2017, 8:15 pm, show 2: December 2017) the Ehrlich Brothers present six top national and international magicians in three different sectors. Chris and Andreas have toured the world for the two shows "Die Ehrlich Brothers: Showdown of the world's best magicians" in the search for their personal top sorcerers in certain categories and are their godfather in every show. Two magicians fight for the victory in certain categories such as "Mystic Magic", "Comedy" and "Dangerous Magic", and they have to convince the audience with their performance - that determines the winner in every category and in the end the overall winner. It goes without saying that the Ehrlich Brothers, even in every show, outdo some of their unique illusions. Special guest of the first show on 3.11. is choreographer and member of the "Let's Dance" jury Jorge González, who shows a spectacular illusion together with the Ehrlich Brothers.

In Show 1 (3.11.) the following magicians appear:

Category: Mystical Magic
Josephine Lee from the UK
Wolfgang Moser from Austria

Category: Dangerous Magic
Amila from Germany
Aaron Crow from Belgium

Category: Comedy
Stevie Starr from the UK
Martin Sierp from Germany


Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Laura Wontorra
First Broadcast: 11/03/2017 & 12/30/17, 8.15 pm on RTL