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Unser Song für Dänemark



Unser Song für Dänemark [Our Song for Eurovision]

The format "Unser Song für Dänemark [Our Song for Eurovision]" was developed in order to find the German representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. The search encompassed four phases.

Firstly, seven artists and bands were selected for the grand finale in the Cologne Lanxess Arena. Representatives from the broadcasting company, production company and various label reps were responsible for this musical selection.

Now, one wild card was issued. For this, popular German singer Adel Tawil called upon young, as yet unknown, talented musicians to audition with a video on the Internet. Around 2,300 videos were uploaded within almost 10 weeks.

A further selection was then made from among these auditions: The ten best acts went on-stage in a special Club Concert in the Edelfettwerk in Hamburg, which was broadcast on TV and on numerous online platforms. Voting by the TV viewers determined which artist was to be awarded a wild card for the German heats "Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - Our Song for Eurovision".

In the big live TV show in Cologne, all 8 acts competed against each other. The voting procedure: During the two-hour heats, the viewers were able to vote three times via telephone and text message: In round 1, all eight acts performed one song each. From these, viewers selected four acts which went through to the next round. In round 2, these four acts performed an additional song. The viewers now decided which of the eight songs they found most suitable for the ESC. The two acts whose songs received the most votes went through to the final in round 3.

This year, the winner of the wild card caused a sensation by winning the play-off against one of the most successful German acts: Until then, girl band "Elaiza", a neo-folk music trio from Berlin, was almost completely unknown. Now, the band will represent Germany at the ESC in Denmark. In the same night, their song "Is it right" shot to the top of the iTunes charts. And the quota of the ESC heats show was also outstanding. In the advertising-relevant target group, the musical event even surpassed successful shows such as "Germany’s Next Topmodel".


Executive Producer: Jörg Grabosch
Broadcast: 13.03.2014
Length: 120 min