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Voll witzig!

Voll witzig!

In the crazy comedy quiz "Voll witzig!", host Ingolf Lück asks questions for which the candidates have to provide witty and unusual answers. Ingolf Lück is the judge of the wit and fun factor and awards points for the best responses. Mirco Nontschew, the master of wit and gesticulation battles it out against Markus Maria Profitlich, who fends Mirco off in an articulate manner and with weighty arguments. These two top comedians are each supported by a star guest (for example, Kai Pflaume, Tommy Wosch, Hella von Sinnen, the comedy duo Mundstuhl), with whom they – as a team – compete to see who can provide the most original responses and score the most points. A duel of the Verbal Titans – witty, cheeky and spontaneous!

But the fun does not stop there: throughout all the "Voll witzig!" games, the two quiz teams provide top comedy performances. Lots of action in the "Pantomime Game" and the "Carrot Pen Game", the comedy version of the "Watercolor Challenge", whereby the "artists" do not draw with their hands, but with their heads. Both the "Clown’s Nose Game", in which the candidates have to guess who the celebrity faces are, and the "Grope in the Dark Game", challenge the teams to give their very best. Current newspaper headlines have to be completed, news film contributions commentated and movies dubbed. The final game brings the teams together: two comedians dressed in a single costume – well, that just has to end in tears!

"Voll witzig!" was broadcast from May 1999 until December 2000 on Sundays at 10:15 p.m. on SAT.1.


Executive Producer: Ralf Günther      
Host: Ingolf Lück  
Start date: 12.05.1999    
Length: 23 min
Seasons: 1