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Witzig ist witzig - Die Comedy-Doku

Witzig ist Witzig – Die Comedy-Doku

"Witzig ist witzig" – the comedy documentary with the show personalities of today with their sometimes quite bumpy beginnings of yesterday and yesteryear. Celebrity comedians allow the viewer to take a closer look at the stars’ first TV appearances, present their favorite sketches and comment on things they now find hugely embarrassing.

The German comedy, television and music elite have once again gone on the rampage through the archive searching for those very first television appearances: blundered presentations, messed up punchlines and endless bursts of laughing – the ProSieben comedy documentary "Witzig ist witzig" (Witty is Witty) shows the things that the "perpetrators" hoped they would never have to see again.

Anke Engelke presents her true talent as a singer, performing a duet with Stefan Raab, Elisabeth Volkmann can be seen in hysterical scenes from "Klimbim", Thomas Hermanns provides us with a "glossy" stand-up comedy performance, Hugo Egon Balder shows the true highlights from "Tutti Frutti", and Dieter Hallervorden lets it all out. The stars not only present their clips and excerpts, they also have to listen to the, sometimes very candid, comments of their colleagues...

"Witzig ist witzig" was broadcast with a total of six episodes in 2003/2004 - always at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.


Executive Producer: Martin Keß      
Start date: 05.05.2003    
Length: 60 min
Shows: 6