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"TV total" show trainee, Elton, has plenty of experience with the Internet. On a regular basis, he tracks down the weirdest and wackiest Websites and clips and presents them on "TV total". In, Elton’s first own show, Germany’s best-known show trainee presents things that – to date – have only been secretly exchanged in offices throughout the nation: hilarious short movies downloaded from the Internet.

But the really cool clips are not that easy to find. Sure, everybody knows a couple... but the Web harbors so many treasures, nobody can know all these clips and sites. Nobody – apart from Elton! He knows them all!

And because sitting at the computer alone is only half as much fun, Elton will be host to computer freaks, "T-Online users", as well as stars and celebrities. To this end, Elton enters into a duel with "Blümchen" on the online speed-car track, orders a pizza in Australia with Gina Wild and gives Jeanette Biedermann the Website as a gift. Elton loves the extreme: with comedy queen Anke Engelke, he scans breasts into the computer – with Heidi Kabel he sings the song about the Internet Grandma and presents the “Homepage of the Week”. Incredible just how many really weird and wacky things you can find on the Web! Elton then declares the craziest Website the "Homepage of the Week".

And all those who want to enter the Web Designer Hall of Fame can present their Homepage in the "elton-box". However, hopefuls will have only 30 seconds to explain just how great the Do-It-Yourself Website is. Half a minute that can change your life.

He’s lazy, he has digestive problems and he is unpleasant. No, we are not talking about Elton, we are referring to El Tonno, the fattest fish in Aqua City. Since season 2, the flash-animated fish has been a regular guest on "" and tells of his incredible adventures in the underwater world of the aquarium.

But things can get really dangerous when Elton picks up the phone. Call center staff and customer services live in constant fear of a call from the merciless trainee. And woe betide everyone, should Elton leave the studio...

"" is produced by Stefan Raab’s production company, "Raab TV", a 50% owned subsidiary of BRAINPOOL TV GmbH.

The third season was broadcast from January 9, 2003 to March 13, 2003, on ProSieben.

Nominations and Awards

Austrian Romy TV award


Producer: Martin Keß     
Host: Elton  
First Broadcast: 06.12.2001    
Length: 30 min
Seasons: 3