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Bastian Pastewka was born in Bochum on April 4, 1972. He works successfully as actor, comedian and dubbing artist. He became famous with different roles in the comedy-show "Die Wochenshow" which started in the late 90ies. After that he was to be seen in several TV and cinema projects. Since 2005 the successful and award-winning sitcom "Pastewka" was broadcast on SAT.1. Amazon Prime Video now brings back Pastewka and the eighth season is now available on Germany’s most popular video streaming service.

Following high school graduation and military service, he studied pedagogy, German and sociology. In 1991, Bastian Pastewka founded the "Comedy Crocodiles" ensemble, performing at – among other places – the Haus der Springmaus (Bonn), the Schmidt-Theater in Hamburg and at the "Cologne Comedy Festival".

Bastian Pastewka created several comedy sketches for the WDR youth program "U 30" and "Lollo Rosso". Furthermore, he has hosted countless "1Live" shows for WDR. Between the end of 1996 and May 2000, SAT.1 viewers were able to see Bastian Pastewka in action every week in different roles in the "Wochenshow – The World’s Wittiest News".

Here, the multi-talented comedian used all his charm as – for example – the host of the quiz show "Schnapp dir die Million" (Grab the Cash), in the role of the Indian flower seller with his standard question "You want buy rose?" and as Ingolf Lück’s personal advisor "Ottmar Zittlau" in his "plastic" shell suit. According to a Forsa survey commissioned by "TV TODAY", he was voted Germany’s favorite comedian in October 1999. In December 1999, Bastian Pastewka presented – as "Brisko Schneider" – "Briskos Jahrhundert-Show" (Brisko’s Centenary Show). In six episodes, the comedian reviewed the funniest events of the past century in his rather unique manner.  “An evening with Bastian Pastewka and Olli Dittrich" is the name of the joint stage show of the two comedians. They premiered their show in September 2002 in Hamburg’s „Kammerspiele“ as well as in Bonn’s "Pantheon".

His non-verbal Comedy-Show "Ohne Worte" (Without Words), broadcasted in January 2003 on RTL was nominated for the TV-Award "Rose d'Or de Montreux". In July 2003, RTL showed the Bastian-Pastewka-documentary-experiment "Pastewka in Indien" (Pastewka in India). In the same year, he received the "Best Comedian 2003" at the "German Comedy Awards".

From 2003 SAT.1 viewers are also able to see Bastian Pastewka at irregular intervals on the SAT.1 quiz "Genial daneben" alongside the quizmaster Hugo Egon Balder. The Cinema comedy, "Der Wixxer" (The Wanker) hit the cinemas in May 2004. Bastian Pastewka plays the leading role as the so-called Inspector Very Long in this creepy funny parody of the EdgarWallace series of films from the 60s.

In 2004 Bastian Pastewka synchronized the german version of the movies "Stuart Little 1+2" (USA 2001/2003). He appeared in the TV-Gala "Die Wochenshow - 20 Jahre SAT.1" and continued his formats on RTL "Ohne Worte" and "Pastewka in..." with episodes from Russia, Mexico and the South Sea.

From January to May 2005, Bastian Pastewka appeared in ten episodes of Hugo Egon Balder’s GENIAL DANEBEN (SAT.1). He sat on a panel with Hella von Sinnen and Bernhard Hoëcker, joined by such outstanding company as Jürgen von der Lippe, Ingo Oschmann, Barbara Schöneberger, Olli Dittrich, Mario Barth and Konrad Stöckel. BRAINPOOL’s new comedy series "Pastewka" premiered on SAT 1 on September 9, 2005.

Bastian Pastewka received the "Bavarian Television Award" for "Ohne Worte" ("Without Words") (RTL) in June 2005. He was also nominated for the "Grimme Award" for "Pastewka in Russland" ("Pastewka in Russia") (RTL) and for the "Golden Rose of Lucerne" for "Best of Ohne Worte" (RTL). In 2006, for his leading role in "Pastewka" he received the "Rose D'Or" as "Best Actor in a Sitcom". He also won the "German Comedy Award 2006" in the category "Best Comedy Series" and the "German Television Award" in the category "Best Sitcom". The second season of "Pastewka" was broadcast between September 08 and November 03, 2006.

In 2007, Bastian had been starring in two movies "Schwere Jungs" and "Neues vom Wixxer". Season 3 of "Pastewka" was aired between November 2 and December 28, 2007 in SAT.1. He was also brilliant alongside Anke Engelke in the Christmas show “Fröhliche Weihnachten” (SAT.1), which in 2008 was presented with the “Grimme-Preis” and the “German Comedy Award.” Bastian Pastewka appeared in the two-part BRAINPOOL comedy in December 2008, “Zwei Weihnachtsmänner,” where he played the lead role of swimming-noodle salesman Hilmar Kess alongside Christoph Maria Herbst. In 2008 he also performed a voiceover role in the second installment of “Madagascar.”

2009 marked the beginning of the 4th season of the prize-winning SAT.1 series “Pastewka”. Bastian Pastewka was also on the road with “Neu-Erscheinung:” a reading tour with Michael Gantenberg. He starred with Anke Engelke as the male part of “Wolfgang & Anneliese” to host the gala to the “Deutscher Fernsehpreis.” In December, SAT.1 broadcasts the second edition of “Fröhliche Weihnachten – Weihnachten mit Wolfgang & Anneliese.”

In the fairytale series that makes up part of the ARD Christmas and New Year’s programming, Bastian Pastewka plays the voice of the dog in the production of “Bremer Stadtmusikanten” that was broadcast January 2, 2010. In 2010 he played the voice of the elephant lady in “Die Konferenz der Tiere”, which opened in movie theaters on October 7. In the also 3-D animated US-film "Megamind", which started on December 2, he was the voice of the hero "Megamind".

In 2011 Bastian Pastewka was rewarded with the "German Comedy Award" in the category "Best actor". Two years later he received the Prix Pantheon Award and another "German Comedy Award" as "Best actor". On December 20, 2013 "Pastewkas Weihnachtsgeschichte" ("Pastewka's christmas story") together with colleague Anke Engelke was broadcast very successfully on SAT.1. In autumn 2014 the seventh season of "Pastewka" was aired on SAT.1.

Nominations and Awards

German Comedy Award
German Comedy Award
Prix Pantheon
Nominated for Grimme-Award
German Comedy Award
German Comedy Award
German Comedy Award
Golden Rose
Golden Camera
Video Champion Creative Award
15th Quotenmeter-TV-Award "Best actor in a series"