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Bülent Ceylan was born in Mannheim on January 4, 1976, to a Turkish father and a German mother. In 1995, he attained his school-leaving certificate at the Ludwig-Frank-Gymnasium in Mannheim and even back then performed his first parodies of celebrities at school festivals and parties. After an apprenticeship as editor of the afternoon show "Interaktiv" at VIVA in 1996, he completed another apprenticeship at radio station RPR1 in Ludwigshafen.

Mainly used as a presenter for comedy features in the morning show, it was there he met Roland Junghans, the show's comedy author, who subsequently developed his first full-length program for him in 1998. In 1998, Bülent Ceylan studied Politics and Philosophy at the same time, but in 1999, the second program from the two men entitled: "Nou Mässitsch!" already celebrated its premiere. From 1999 until 2000, things continue to develop. On the Kleinkunstbühne of the "Opera Buffa" in Mannheim, Bülent Ceylan regularly holds his event series "Bülent's Comedy Club". In November 2000, he takes to the stage with his first "Late Night Comedy" in the "Klappsmühl" in Mannheim. This is followed by his first appearances in the Quatsch Comedy Club in Hamburg, in the Langenhagen Caberet and Comedy Festival and in the "Paulaner Solo" in Munich. Together with Andy  Steil and Fabien Kachev, he tours across Germany in 2001 with the "United Slapstick Show 2001". In July 2001, Bülent is one of the five protagonists in the "Cologne Comedy Cup", and graduates various workshops in the "Cologne Comedy School" with the respective "laughter diploma". This is followed by various television appearances. And in November 2002, the successful program "DÖNER FOR ONE" begins. Eventually, the comedian conquers the stage of the important "Münchener Lach- & Schießgesellschaft" and old hand Rudi Carell invites him to participate in "7 Tage – 7 Köpfe". In October 2005, Bülent's live program "halb getürkt" celebrates its premiere in the Rosengarten in Mannheim. In August 2007, the ultimate show arrives: Bülent performs his heavy metal hymn anthem "Ruh im Hof!" as Mompfred in front of a screaming crowd of more than 60,000 at RPR1 Rhineland Palatinate Open Air in Mainz. The premiere of "Kebabbel net" follows in September 2007. On September 18, 2009, RTL exclusive broadcasts Bülent's stage show "Bülent Ceylan live!" from the "SAP ARENA" in Mannheim. More TV appearances follow and his on-screen presence increases. From October 8, 2009, Bülent Ceylan performs his new program "Ganz schön turbülent" on a total of nine sold-out evenings in the Mannheim Capitol. At the end of May in 2010, the "Ganz schön turbülent" tour throughout Germany begins. RTL broadcasts the spectacular show from the Mannheim "SAP ARENA" on October 22, 2010.

In the movie "Marmaduke", Bülent Ceylan provides the voice for the domestic cat Carlos. In February 2011, Bülent's first own TV show begins on RTL:  "Die Bülent Ceylan Show". His grand appearance at the Heavy Metal Festival in Wacken in August 2011 and his stage-diving in a black rubber dinghy cause a sensation. Starting in October 2011, Bülent is on tour with his new show "Wilde Kreatürken". RTL broadcasts the live show on TV exclusively on September 8, 2012. Over the course of the year, the Mannheim-born comedian takes part in various charity projects such as the Bertelsmann Foundation "All kinds are VIPs!", appearing in schools and youth associations. He also supports the "Sterntaler" children's hospice and various small campaigns.

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