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Christoph Maria Herbst was born in Wuppertal on 9th February 1966. Parallel to his university entrance exams and a classical bank trainee programme, he started his acting career in 1984 as part of the free theatre scene in Wuppertal. It was there in 1996, together with other theatre enthusiasts, that he founded the "Theater in Cronenberg", which still exists to this day. Here he has played in performances of "Barfuß im Park", "Macbeth" and many others.

There followed many theatre engagements at, among others places, the "Metropoltheater" in Munich (Broadway Danny Rose), the "Stadttheater Bremerhaven" (Lederfresse, Bluthochzeit, Außer Kontrolle, Ein Käfig voller Narren, Romeo & Juliet), at the "Hebbel-Theater", Berlin (Eins,Zwei,Drei) and at the "Theater am Kurfürstendamm" in Berlin (Männerhort).

1995 saw the first short cinema film in which Christoph Maria Herbst took part. "Die 3 Liebhaber" was the starting point for many further cinema films. In 1998, he played the bachelor in "Der wirklich letzte Junggeselle", in 2001, this was followed by the film "Morgen", 2002 "Lassie" and in 2003, he gave a stunning performance as "Hatler" in "Der Wixxer", and as the count’s advisor in

Christoph Maria Herbst’s TV career also started in 1995. Christoph has appeared in, among others, "Alarm für Cobra 11", "OA jagt Oberärztin", "Die Wache", "Ein seltsames Paar", "Beachboys", "Das Zimmermädchen und der Millionär", and 2001-2003 in "Ladykracher". In 2002, he received the "German Comedy Prize" in the "Best Supporting Role" category for his various roles in "Ladykracher". In 2004, he played Fred Gediner alongside Anke Engelke and Moritz Bleibtreu in Helmut Dietl’s "Vom Suchen und Finden der Liebe" and appeared as the therapist opposite Alexandra Maria Lara in Doris Dörrie’s "Der Fischer und seine Frau". 2005 he played the King Julius alongside Michael "Bully" Herbig in "Hui Buh".

Since October 2004, C. M. Herbst has played the nasty boss, Bernd Stromberg, in the sitcom "Stromberg" – a BRAINPOOL TV GmbH production. Christoph Maria Herbst was awarded four times the "German Comedy Award" (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2010/Best Actor), the "Bavarian Television Award" (2005), the "Golden Gong" (2005), the "Jupiter Film Award" (2006 and 2012/Best TV Actor) and the "Grimme Award" (2006).

In 2007 Christoph Maria Herbst has also been appearing in the new SAT.1 series "Hilfe, Hochzeit! Die schlimmste Woche meines Lebens" another BRAINPOOL TV GmbH production. He also features in three cinema films in 2007 ("Die Aufschneider", "Hände weg von Mississippi" and "Neues vom Wixxer") and two TV movies (Don Quijote, Jakobs Bruder). For "Hilfe! Hochzeit! Die schlimmste Woche meines Lebens" and "Stromberg", he received the "German Comedy Award" in the category "Best Actor". In 2010 he paid a visit to the 'Dream Ship' ('Traumschiff'), played the unconventional detective Kreutzer in 'Kreutzer kommt...' (ProSieben) and appeared in the motion picture 'Wickie auf großer Fahrt'.

After appearances in several different TV- and cinema projects Christoph Maria Herbst starred in "Stromberg - The Film" – a BRAINPOOL TV GmbH production. After only four weeks the film had more than 1 million visitors!

Nominations and Awards

Video Champion Creative Award
Jupiter Award 2012
Nominated for Grimme-Award
German Comedy Award
Nominated for Golden Camera
Nominated for German Television Award
German Comedy Award
German Comedy Award
Bavarian TV Award
German Comedy Award