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Elton was born in Berlin on April 2, 1971. However, he did not spend his childhood and youth in Berlin, but in Hamburg – hence his love for FC St. Pauli, the legendary soccer club. To this very day, he is a frequent visitor to the club’s Millerntor stadium despite now living in Cologne.

Elton is a trained radio and television technician. However, he quickly realized that he did not want to merely fiddle around with television screens, but he also had an urge to appear on them. This decision initially took Elton to "Delta-Radio" in Kiel, where he completed an internship in the music and sport editorial department. But as Elton continued to be drawn to television, he switched to the "Hamburg 1" TV station following his internship, where he acquired practical experience. While there, he quickly made himself a name with his very unique street surveys. And he also came to the attention of Stefan Raab in "Eltonstreet" – quickly employing Elton 2001 as the show intern on "TV total".

As a protégé to Stefan Raab, the master of entertainment television, Elton learned quickly and extensively with the result that he was given his own show the very same year: "". Together with his celebrity couch guests, Elton examined, and plucked apart, countless web sites and films from the Internet. "" was hugely successful, running from December 2001 through to February 2003 on ProSieben.

2004 was a very special year for the exuberant soccer fan: together with Oliver Pocher, he set off to the EURO 2004 soccer competition in Portugal. Living in a campervan, the two traveled throughout the country to report all the news directly from where it was happening to those left behind in Germany. "EURO total" was a smash hit – something that cannot be said for the German involvement in the sporting event.

Also in 2004, Elton presented the ProSieben show "DIE ALM" alongside Sonya Kraus. 12 celebrities were subjected to tough living conditions on a mountain, with the two presenters being supplied with plenty of ammunition for many a cutting remark.

In 2005, the celebrity presentation continued – this time in a show called "DIE BURG". Judge Elton decided on "Silk & Satin" or "Sackcloth & Ashes". 2005 also marked the premiere of "Elton vs. Simon". Together with Simon Gosejohann, Elton entered numerous pointless competitions, such as "Who can survive longest without sleep?" and "Who can organize the coolest circus performance?" After a second season in 2006 this competitions were continued as a extended prime time version "Elton vs. Simon - The Show" in 2008.

Countless TV appearances followed in 2006 and 2007, including "Frei Schnauze", "Genial Daneben", "Herman & Tietjen", "Die 100 nervigsten…!" and "Stars on Ice". Furthermore, Elton presented the "BRAVO Super Show", "The Dome" and "The Grand ProSieben Federal Youth Games" alongside Oliver Pocher. And Elton’s acting skills will be on show in the fall of 2007, when he will be appearing as Martin in "Tischlein deck Dich" in ProSieben’s "Märchenstunde" fairytale show.

Although Elton has meanwhile successfully completed his internship at "TV total", he has of course remained true to the show and Stefan Raab. In addition to taking part in virtually all "TV total" events, including the "WOK World Cup", the "TV total Tower Jump", the "TV total Championship" and the meanwhile annual "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge", he hosts the TV total quiz "Shame or Cash" every Tuesday and also occasionally jumps in for the "Boss", as he respectfully calls Stefan Raab, when he requires his help.

Even though Elton has been really hardened by his constant involvement with "TV total", his toughest personal challenge had to come: he is taking part in the New York Marathon in November 2007. During the boxing match between Regina Halmich and Stefan Raab, he placed a bet that the entertainer would not make it through Round 5. His bet: taking part in the New York Marathon. But Stefan stayed the entire match and Elton went into Marathon training. For month, he subjected himself to fitness tests, dietary consultations and running training. But the effort has paid off: Elton completed the 42.195 km through New York in 5 hours, 30 minutes and 16 seconds, coming in in 34,202nd place. He then went on to have a beer!

In "Elton vs. Simon - Die Show" ("Elton vs. Simon - The Show") in 2008 and 2010 Elton entered into incredible competitions against Simon Gosejohann that drove both contestants to their limits.

Elton has hosted "1,2 oder 3" ("1,2 or 3"), the children's show on ZDF, since 2010.

In "Elton on tour", the entertainer had no time for a breather. On his tour through England, Finland, France, Holland, Spain and Thailand, Elton had to complete six tasks in each country otherwise he will was given an unpleasant forfeit. The six episodes were broacast in July and August 2011.

On ‘Elton zockt – LIVE!’, contestants stake their entire valuables on a chance to win EUR 100,000. There’s a lot they can win, and they put a lot on the line. Those who lose the duel with Elton have to watch as what they have wagered is destroyed before their eyes. The first episode was broadcast in April 2013, the second in December 2013.

At the beginning of 2014 Jeannine Michaelsen and Elton presented the show "The Millionaire Election" on ProSieben & SAT.1. In spring 2016 he took over the moderation of "Beat The Star" on ProSieben. The first issue on April 9th reached sensational 18,5 % of the 14- to 49-year-olds!

Nominations and Awards

German Comedy Award
Austrian Romy TV award
Nominated for German Television Award "Best personal achievement / moderation entertainment"